Due to a price increase of $5 from SCCA headquarters, we'll be increasing our military and non-member event pricing to $35 and $40 respectively.  The increase was due to an insurance hike for weekend members. The member price will remain at $25 per event.

There is a bright side as this increase makes becoming a member that much more appealing.  Active military folks get a $35 rebate on your membership and those deployed to hazardous conditions get their membership waived completely.  Those under 24 years old can qualify for a First Gear membership at $60.  This can be coupled with additional discounts from your copy of two weekend memberships and current member referral for $45 off.  At the new $40 a month weekend membership rate, it would only take 3 months to break even on the full membership cost of $80.

($80 (membership)+50 (2 events)=130) (40(non-member)*3 (events)=120)

This price change will go into effect at our March 12, 2017 event.  The $5 fee to register on-site will still apply so preregister as it makes ours and your job easier at check-in. 



-R. McCloud


Ref: SCCA HQ price announcement



P.S. The Webmaster here! Feel free to use my number for your referral discount! If you do you'll get me $5 off too! #329840 

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