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14 September 14

Thanks for the Co-Drive guys!  I almost got FS, +.106 so close. But, there was lots of good competition all around. As expected we had another beautiful, hot Alabama day out on the stage field. I sure had a great time I hope you did too.  Oh, yea. The results are up.

The Web Master

10 September 14

I got word yesterday that we have permission to use the site. I'll see you at the Autocross this Sunday!

The Web Master

10 August 14

Thanks for braving the heat and possible rain today for coming out.  For the old members, today's event was shades of old.  We had a whole 29 people registered and a fast course designed by Chuck.  Runs in the 30 second range were plenty and we were done and into the fun runs by 1:30.

Zach again all gave us an FTD to aim for in the door slammers.  The day seemed to be owned by S2000's though.  A good time was had by all and we even somehow missed the rain.

A camera went missing at the event today also.  If you have any information of its whereabouts, please send me an email or pm via facebook immediately.

As always, join us August 24th for our monthly meeting.  It'll be at KC's Pizza in Chipley at 7.00pm.

R. McCloud
Regional Executive

10 August 14

It was hot, sticky, and dry now I'm only talking about the course! Everything else was hot, sweaty, balmy, wilting, dying! In other words it was a normal autocross in the Wiregrass! The rain stayed away and so did a lot of competitors. Zachary Crowder took the Top Time of the Day with a 34.281. Can you take TTotD away from FM5 come September? Are you going to try? If so I'll see you then.

The Web Master

17 July 14

Thanks for everyone that came out and braved the heat.  I hope everyone was able to stay hydrated and didn't get sun burned.  Our monthly meeting will be July 26th at K.C.'s Pizza in Chipley at 7pm.  I hope to see you there. 

R. McCloud
Regional Executive

13 July 14

Guess what?! It was HOT, and we had a great event.  Wes still took top PAX, but some snowmobile powered thing took Top Time of the Day. Nice job, Zachary.

The results are posted. Just follow the link above.

The Web Master

10 July 14

We have permission from the Army to use Hunt Stagefield this weekend. So click the link above and register now!

The Web Master

8 Jun 14

The results for the "Canceled Because We Got the Wrong Key Event" are on the results page.

For those of you who didn't attend because the event was canceled, there was no event. For those of you who imagined you were melting on Hunt Stagefield today hopping to find another tenth I hope the results make you happy! Thanks for bearing with us for the problems that were both outside of our control and those caused by the guy doing registration!

The Web Master

4 Jun 14

Our request to use Hunt Stagefield was approved and the event on the 8th of June is on! See you there!

The Web Master

24 May 14

There is no meeting planned for today 24 May! See you at the event.

The Web Master

7 May 14


We were NOT given permission to use Hunt Army Stagefield. Unfortunately this means the event to be held on the 11th of May is canceled.

Thank you.
The Web Master

29 Apr 14

IMPORTANT: The meeting is actually on the 3rd not the 2nd as previously stated!

The Web Master

13 Apr 14

Thanks again for another great event.  Wes Hughson edged Mark Canekeratne out by a .5 second in PAX, but I can say everyone enjoyed seeing the EMod Jeep squirm and hear the GTR at full song.  It reminds me again how many different types of vehicles come out.  

I do have two requests for our competitors. Please be good stewards of the guests you bring and give them a quick overview of the site. Let them know where it is safe to watch, sit, stand & to collect their trash. Also, be sure your guests sign the safety waiver. This is mandatory for all persons entering the site. Ignorance of the rules won't benefit anyone in the event of an incident.

Come join us for our monthly meeting.  It'll be at KC's Pizza in Chipley on May 2nd at 7.00pm.  This isn't our usual date, but a few of us will be attending the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama on our usual date. 

R. McCloud
Regional Executive

13 Mar 14

Thanks to everyone for coming out and helping us have another great event.  The usual characters lurked around the top with Andrew Hicks securing FTD.  A large number of the field was within a few seconds of each other too.

Thanks to Jesse for another challenging course design.   By the way anyone can design a course and submit it.  Minus safety concerns, most of them are used as they were designed.  As a reminder, we are a volunteer organization.  Without you, we wouldn’t exist.  It takes everyone to make these events possible.

The club’s monthly meeting will be held March 22nd at K.C.’s Pizza & Grille in Chipley. 

Click here to let us know you are going to the meeting.

I hope you see you there.

Regional Executive

9 Mar 14

We had a great day of autocrossing! Yup, that's all I got to say. If you think this is too short write something up about the event! It will appear here.

The Web Master

3 Mar 14

The next event is this weekend! Use the link above to register for the event.

The Web Master

5 Feb 14

Are you going to attenend an event? If so register clicking the date of the event above! Registration opens the first Saturday of the month.

The Web Master

12 Jan 14

Another great Winter Event! I wish there was a way to bottle this great weather we have had the last two months and uncork it for upcoming hot months...
April, May, June, July, August, September, October, & November! 

I heard this personally from the Yaris driver, he is very sorry if you some how happened to be slower then him. He just can't help himself when he hears the word, "GO!"

The event had a pretty good turn out and if you missed it you should feel bad.  Why? The course was awesome and the competition fierce. Wes Hughson the regular Top Time of the Day(er) missed it by .108 to Mark Canekeratne and the every improving DSP BMW. Look up and left for the rest of the results.

The club's monthly meeting will be on the 25th of January. See you there.

The Web Master

9 Jan 14

We have received the Army permission to use Hunt Stagefield for the event on the 12th!

The Web Master

7 Jan 14

Happy New Year! The next event is open for registration!

At the last meeting we elected new officers so make sure you give them your applause and cheers!
The new Regional Executive is Rodney McCloud, the new Assistant Regional Executive is Russ Rana, and the new Sectary/Treasurer is Wes Hughson. Congratulations!

The Web Master

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